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Commercial & Residential Swimming Pool Renovation

Mackie Brothers offers renovation services for both residential and commercial pool owners in Greensboro, NC. Whether you’re looking to improve the equipment, aesthetics or security of an existing pool, our professionals can help you make the design and construction decisions that are best for you and the particular way your pool is used.

Below is a list of the types of renovation services we provide. If you have questions or would like to schedule a renovation consultation, please contact us today. Or visit our renovation gallery for examples of our work.

Equipment Upgrades

Remote control features and automated systems remove some of the maintenance associated with owning a pool. Consider upgrading to an automated or remotely operated heater, lighting system or cover for your swimming pool. New plumbing and fixtures will help your pool run more efficiently. We also offer pump room remodels for commercial pool owners.

Aesthetic Upgrades

To instantly improve the look of your in-ground pool, look into resurfacing options like tile, pebble or plaster surfacing with stain resistant additives, or install a new vinyl liner with an interesting water line pattern. Add design features like a spa, waterfall, decking, diving board, lighting and water elements to improve the pool environment. A variety of lighting types are available, including underwater lights, low-profile accents, illuminating spotlights, floodlights for general lighting, and fiber optics for color. Decking or pool surfaces with tile inlays or concrete stamps can add a creative touch.

Security Upgrades

Improve the safety of your swimming pool and backyard with fences, pool alarms and motion lighting.