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Concrete and Vinyl Swimming Pool Builders – Greensboro

Mackie Brothers of Blue Haven Pools & Spas is a renowned residential and commercial pool builder and spa installer in Greensboro, NC and serving the Triad area. We are dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and building a concrete pool or vinyl pool to your specifications.

 At Mackie Brothers, our philosophy – and the way we approach every project – is to do the best job we can because every client is important to the continued success of our business. We are dedicated to providing quality work, and we take a simple approach to pool building:

  • Be honest and have integrity.
  • Design and build a quality swimming pool.
  • Build the desired pool on time and according to schedule.
  • Guarantee the quality of our workmanship.


  • 336.297.9908 336.299.9902
  • 1121 Roberts Lane High Point, NC 27260